Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Casual but hurtful comments

Sometimes people make comments without even realizing their impact on other person. Few days back  I was at Kohl's with my daughter, Aditi. I was waiting for my turn at the checkout line. Aditi was so excited because I bought a toy for her. So she was happily humming a song. The lady behind me, who I have never met, gave a compliment that my daughter looks so cute and she is so sweet etc. After I thanked her she asked me if I have only one. I said yes and she asked me when I am going to have one more and then she started giving me suggestions that I should have one more so my daughter can have company. I just gave a smile because I didn't want to be rude to her and tell her its none of your business. She doesn't know what I went through during my pregnancy. ( I had eclampsia so they had to do emergency c-section and take Aditi out. She weighed only 750 gms when she was born . She was in NICU for 3 months and till she came home we weren't even sure if she will make it. I didn't even know I had baby for couple of days because I was unconscious cause I had seizures.)

Few days later, a friend of mine ( who was well aware of everything) told me that I am being SELFISH because I am only thinking about myself and not thinking that Aditi might be feeling lonely and I wanted to tell her " wow thank you so much for making me feel so good with your kind words. That really gave a boost to my guilty feelings. "( Aren't friends supposed to understand and support you?) Of Course I didn't say all that to her because I have a problem: I can't say rude things back to people even if they hurt me. I can't hurt them back. I just told her that we have kind of accepted the fact that we are going to have only one and to make it up to Aditi we are going to try to spend as much time as we can with her, put her in classes, have play dates, travel etc. She probably said that stuff without realizing the impact of that comment on me. She probably didn't say it with an intention to hurt my feeling. I will give  her that benefit of doubt.

But why are people so curious about other's lives instead of focussing on their own. And what's up with all these questions. First they ask when are you getting married? As soon as you get married they ask so when are you going to give the good news about baby? Once you have the baby then they ask when are we planning to have second one so the first one can have company. Things don't stop there. Questions follow even after you have your second baby. If you have two boys then the question will be 'are you going to try for a girl baby?' If you have two girls then the question will be ' are you going to try for a boy baby to carry the family name forward?' Apparently you are a complete family only if you have a boy and girl. Nonsense. Enough with this nosy business. Does it even occur to them that the person you are asking these questions might be having hard time already with their situation and you are just making things worse for them. 

I hope I never asked anybody these kind of questions and I most definitely will not and finally a piece of advice:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


R.I.P Srinivas Kuchibhotla. I never met you but heard some nice things about you. You didn't deserve to die that way. You died because one crazy guys made assumptions and started believing them. Hope he gets punished severely .

 Hope your family finds the strength to lead the rest of their lives. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Everybody need that one person

I saw this quote in Facebook and liked it. Its coincidence I was just thinking about something like this the other day and someone posted it on Fb. Sometimes we don't need solutions but we just need to vent and not be judged. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A song that is often stuck in your head

It has to be " suraj hua maddham" from the movie Kabhi khushi kabhi gham. I knowI know  one more SRK song but I like this song mor for Sonu Nigam's voice than SRK. Such a romantic number and sonu's voice is so soothing. He is one of my favorite singer. I was so happy when I got the opprtunity to go to his concert. Wish I met him in person too. May be one day I will. 

Enjoy this lovely romantic number

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The song that I just heard

That has to be " channa mereya" from the movie "Ae dil hain mushkil".  Such a soulful number and Arijit singh did complete justice to it. He puts his heart and soul into this song. When you see the video of this song, you will see that  Ranbir kapoor also did a great job. His heart is broken but he still has smile on his face and tears in his eyes and still wishing that all good things should happen to his love.  " andera tera maine le liya, mera ujla sitara tere naam kiya". Lyrics are superb. Here is the video

Friday, December 2, 2016

A song that reminds me of my mother/father

My dad loves music. He likes listening to songs all the time and even sings them in family parties/ events. He even participated in cultural events during his school/college days. He can listen to any kinds of songs but his favorites are the old ones which he heard when he was young. Thanks to him I am familiar with a lot of nice songs from old movies.

This is my dad's one of the favorite songs. Kudos to Ghantasala garu for rendering such a hard song with so much ease.

Never saw my mom listening to songs or humming one. So don't know her favorite. But she had no choice to listen to songs because we (dad, my sister and myself) used to always listen to them with volume so high.