Monday, May 9, 2016

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Mother's day 2016

I had such a wonderful time on mother's day. Thanks to my daughter and husband who pampered me so much with gifts, homemade breakfast, taking care of lunch/dinner,massages etc. What more can I ask. I thank god for giving me such a wonderful family who care for each other.

Every year on mother's day I feel little sensitive towards women who don't celebrate mother's day because they don't have kids. But that is not fair. I feel you don't need to have kids to celebrate mother's day. You just need to be a nurturer which I feel every girl is. I feel every girl is a mother by birth.We are always taking care of loved ones, putting their needs ahead of ours, sacrifcing for them, always thinking of how to make life speical for others and basically just be a giver. Sounds like a mother right?

Mother comes in different forms as well. You could be an aunt who pampers their niece/nephew a lot, a grandmother who loves unconditionally,a sister who is ready to fight anything to protect her siblings, a friend who helps other friend with life,a teacher in the classroom who teaches values and many other things to kids and who plays a major role in child's growth, a nanny who takes the position of parents to make sure the kid is safe and healthy etc. I feel every woman should be celebrated on mother's day. Let us celebrate the mother in us. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

what not to say to a mom of a only child

Recently I came across this article which my friend shared with me. The author has written it very well. I go through this almost every day.  Check out the link below.

what not to say to the mom of a only child